Save Money. Think Locally.
Impact Globally.

The Silverton Ale Trail is the best way to get $100s in offers at your favorite local businesses and support charity at the same time! Let’s hit the trail!

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Here's How It Works

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(1) Download DonorTrail

Download the free DonorTrail App so all of your offers are always with you whenever you’re out hitting the trail.

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(2) Select a Charity & Pay

Choose which charity you’d like the proceeds to benefit and then purchase the Silverton Ale Trail Pass for only $20.00.

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(3) Save Money & Enjoy

Save money with over $100 worth in offers to local businesses and feel great about making an impact both locally and globally!

Your Favorite Local Spots

Get a sweet deal at ALL of these local businesses while out with friends and family:

Creekside Grill

One time, 2 for 1 beer/beverage


One time, 2 for 1 beer/drink

Glockenspiel Restaurant

One time, 2 for 1 beer/beverage

Ixtapa | Mexican Restaurant

One time, 2 for 1 beer/beverage

Mac's Place

One time, 2 for 1 beer/beverage

Main St. Bistro

One time, 2 for 1 beer/beverage

Silver Falls Brewery Ale House

One time, 2 for 1 beer/beverage

Silver Grille

One time, 2 for 1 beer/beverage

Silverton Wine Bar and Bistro

One time, 2 for 1 beer/beverage

The Gallon House

One time, 2 for 1 beer/beverage

The Garden View Restaurant | Oregon Garden Resort

One time, 2 for 1 beer/beverage

Wooden Nickel Pub & Eateries

One time, 2 for 1 beer/beverage

Support Great Causes

Silverton Rotary Club

Silverton Rotary Club

The Silverton Rotary Club was founded by community businessmen in 1936. Today, the 50+ member club is made up of a variety of people, from retired teachers to doctors and real estate agents. We adhere to the Rotarian’s primary motto of “Service Above Self”, along with our secondary motto of “One profits most who serves best.” In addition to the Rotary Club, Silverton is pleased to have its own Rotaract Club and two Interact Clubs (one at the middle school and one at the high school). Our youth and young adults are very involved and invested in their community. You can find out more about the service we are involved in on our Events & Programs page on our website.

Need the perfect gift for
friends and family?

Whether it’s a house warming present for your new neighbors or for the guy who has everything, give them the satisfaction of saving money and the warm, fuzzy feeling of supporting charity with the Silverton Ale Trail Pass!

About the Trail

At this time, twelve amazing businesses have opened their doors to Ale Trail enthusiasts who are out looking for some amazing and unique places to visit. Silverton is lucky to have unique venues on the banks of Silver Creek; wine bars that boast only the best wines in the Willamette Valley, including many found in Silverton's backyard; pubs that the locals love; bistros and specialty restaurants that serve the most delectable cuisines; an authentic German restaurant with a working Glockenspiel; and quaint Ale House that proudly offers more than 16 of their own beers on tap. Come and join us in the Silverton/Mount Angel area for a place of refuge and sublime settings for your next getaway.

You've got questions. We have answers!

How do I purchase the Trail Pass?

You purchase the Silverton Ale Trail Pass for $20.00 on the DonorTrail App or you can purchase a gift card that you redeem on the App. Remember you can purchase the Trail Pass as many times as you’d like so you’re never short of great deals!

How do the charities get their money?

The THE ROTARY CLUB OF SILVERTON manages the collection of the donations to the charity of your choice. They are 100% volunteer run with no administration cost. The Host Club determines the proceeds collected from the Trail Pass and each charity is given a check by the Club.

How long does the Trail Pass last?

The Trail Pass is valid for 24 months from the date you activate it. We encourage you to take your time to visit all the spots on the Trail. Remember, it’s the journey, not the destination! So don’t forget to stop and smell the hops!